Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Lost is on in 5 minutes, so this will have to be a fast post.

Today I rode Bessy to work (Bessy is my motorcycle.  I couldn't afford a hog, so I bought a 1600 CC cow).  I love my motorcycle, and today I was thinking about why this is so.  You may think that riding a motorcylce makes me feel manly, but that is not what I love about it.  (At 5'6" and 135 I feel more like a grown-up kid in a kid's body, so manly man just isn't in the picture.)  No, what I love about Bessy is how much fun she is.  Driving my car doesn't make me giggle with glee.  Ok, so perhaps giggling on a motorcycle is another reason for less than the manly-man feeling, but I can't help myself.  I really love twisting the throttle and feeling the kick in the pants that commensurates with that motion.

When I was a kid, my favorite activity was riding my bike all over town.  I rode it every day during the summer.  Riding my motorcycle is like riding a bike, except you go a lot faster, it's less work, and you don't have to make the engine and transmission noises yourself.  (Come on, you know you did it too.  Wraaaa, wa wa wraaaa).

Ok, time to get back to the island.  I can't type and watch tv at the same time.  I'm what you would call a mono-tasker.  It's a curse, I know.  But it's made up for by other skills.  For example, I have a special gift for interacting with animals.  In some parts, I'm known as the "hampster whisperer".  Do you have an unruly hampster?  Give me a call and I'll have it sleeping and running in it's wheel like normal in no time.