Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Dog Days of Spring

Recently on a hike I met up with a couple of guys and their black Lab.  As I was petting the dog I was reminded again of the fact that I have been thinking about getting a dog for a while.  Having a reliable hiking partner would be great, and dogs are so loyal that they always want to be with you no matter where you go, or how badly you insult them by telling them "you smell like a dog" or "dude, your breath is like death" or "don't even think about licking my face after licking that!".

Last week I got the opportunity to see if I really am dog material.  While Heather and I have dog-sat before, it has always been for well-trained grown dogs.  In this case we are watching Sadie, an 8 month old Labrador.

Things started off as I am used to.  Sadie's owner left, and Sadie pranced around by the door, wanting her to come back.  At least that's what I thought she wanted, until I let her come out into the garage with me so I could get some work done on the trim I needed to finish prior to installing it in the living room.  Then she promptly popped a squat on a pile of foam and proceeded to urinate.  I realized she had been pacing by the door because she needed to go out and do her duty.  That was my bad, for not figuring out what she needed.  At least she went in the garage, and not in the house.

The next day, I went upstairs to my bedroom to find that she had done the number 2 on my carpet in the master bathroom.  Yes, I know carpeting doesn't belong in a bathroom, but that's beside the point.  Bad dog!  Heather cleaned that one up, which I appreciated, although she was ready at that point to be done having a dog, and I hadn't even told her about the pee in the garage.

Then yesterday while sitting in my office the dog started doing the dry heaves.  I yelled at her to come with me so we could get her outside before she lost her lunch (or more accurately, her pile of leaves and grass), and halfway down the stairs I realized she was no longer behind me.  I made a bee-line for the master bedroom, where I found her wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and feeling much better, having left what was agitating her in a pile by the dresser.  Really?  You couldn't just follow me downstairs and out the door?  I got the honors of cleaning up this one.

Fortunately there have been no more bodily discharges in the house, but I have to admit I miss getting a full night's sleep and not being awakened at 5 in the morning by a dog whining and barking.  I guess it's best to find these things out now, before I've committed to the permanent care of a pet.  One more week and I will be free of this responsibility.  I'm just not cut out for puppies.  Perhaps I could handle a nice plant.