Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dream Job

Today as a Gwen Stephani song was playing on the radio I realized that being a backup singer would be the ideal job. You don’t have to write music, don’t need to be especially attractive or outgoing, your wardrobe is picked out for you to match the other two backup singers, and you just stand off to the side and chime in every once in a while with an ooh, or mmm, or perhaps a chunk of the chorus. In the case of the song on the radio it was “woo-ooh, whee-ooh” a few times during each chorus. How easy is that? “Hold on, let me put down my glass of water, my part is coming up… woo-ooh, whee-ooh...woo-ooh, whee-ooh… ok, I’m done for a while. Don’t let me miss the next chorus”. Yeah, backup singer. That’s a job I could handle.