Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Enjoying the Shade of the Family Tree

This year Heather and I are enjoying a holiday at my brother's house, which means we get to enjoy spending some time with him and his wife, as well as their four children.  It's interesting to see the family traits, both physical and personality wise, that you grew up with showing their form in a new generation of children.  Voracious reader - check.  Smaller than average stature - check.  Excelling at school without trying - check.    Lack of appreciable social skills - check.  Zero body fat and high muscle density - check.  Stubborn to a fault - check.

Of course knowing your family's personality quirks can be quite fun.  When I noticed that my 15 year old nephew had a bit of a beach fuzz mustache and goatee, I told him "10 bucks says that when my dad sees you he'll look you over like he's performing some kind of medical evaluation and say "What's that on your chin, it looks like something's growing there - did you forget to shave, son?" or something to that effect."  I didn't actually hear dad say anything about Bryan's budding beard, but Bryan did walk up to me about 10 minutes after dad arrived and said "Somebody owes you ten dollars".  It took a few seconds to register what he was talking about.  Then I just smiled and nodded.

The highlight of Christmas so far, though, has been the trip with mom this morning to Hardees for cinnamon raisin biscuits.  I wasn't even hungry, but I love me some cinnamon raisin biscuits, and they don't even sell them at the Hardees in San Antonio where I live!  I guess Mexicans just don't have a taste for them.  I had two and they were delicious.  Too bad I have to drive 1000 miles to get them.