Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Haiku (or Two)

In honor of dad's everywhere, I bring you today's piece of poetry: a Father's Day Haiku.  Finally, life's most overlooked holiday and the most overlooked form of poetry come together in one epic celebration.

Lying on the couch
Or lounging in your chair
This day's for you dad!

Ok, that doesn't feel like quite enough to honor the most important man in our lives, so let's add a bonus Haiku.

Your role in my life
More than a sperm donor
Thanks for raising me!

I don't know why my Father's Day Haikus end in exclamation points, but I hope you found them as rewarding to read as I did to write.  Remember, you can't find Father's Day Haikus at Hallmark, only here.  Happy Father's Day everyone!