Sunday, February 17, 2013

Road Trip to Colorado

Last week we took a trip to Colorado Springs.  The plan was to check up on our rental properties, catch up with some friends in the area, and I would get to hit the slopes with two of my buddies who live in town.  Since we had been mulling over upgrading to a smartphone for awhile, we decided to take the plunge and buy one the day before pulling out.  This turned out to be not the best decision.

When we got the phone we wanted to keep our phone number from the previous phone, which takes 24 hours or so to take effect, so the Cricket lady gave us a temporary number we could use until the phone number ported over.  While on the road we texted the friends we would be staying with to let them know that we would be there around 6 pm, as the GPS said we would be there at 7, but you have to subtract an hour for changing from Central to Mountain time zone.

At least, that's how our old GPS worked.  When I noticed we were 140 miles from our destination at 5:00, I realized that the new GPS we bought already figures in the time zone change.  This makes sense, but I realized I needed to text our friends and let them know we would be coming in an hour later than I had thought.  Unfortunately, between the time of the previous text and now, the phone had ported the new number over.  It was now unusable until we could get in an area with data coverage so we could finish the process of setting up the phone, which wouldn't happen until we got to Colorado Springs.

This was extremely annoying, but we finally arrived and were able to achieve all of our goals.  I learned a couple of our properties need some yard work, we had good visits with several friends, and I even got to do some skiing and snowboarding and didn't break anything.  As a bonus we went on a shopping spree while we were in town.  We bought a new couch and love-seat (who would have thought they would ship to Texas?), new sandals (yes, we bought sandals in February in Colorado - there's no REI in San Antonio), I got new sunglasses (my old ones somehow got broken while attached to the sun visor on the way up) and a video game (after playing Call of Duty with my friend Mike I decided to get a copy for myself).  It was a pretty good trip, though I'm not looking forward to getting the credit card bill.