Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Tradition

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, which means I will be eating a lot of leftover turkey for the next few days, but the wonderful feast that Heather prepared was totally worth it.  My favorite dish is grandma's homemade stuffing (or as Heather points out, "dressing", since it isn't stuffed in the turkey), which Heather has graciously learned to make and ensures I have ample servings of every Thanksgiving.  This year we had my cousin Andrea over, as she is stationed here for training with the Air Force.  It was pretty cool sharing Thanksgiving dinner with a family member here in Texas, and the three of us had a wonderful time.  We all agreed that it doesn't feel like the Holiday Season when it's over 80 degrees outside, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the annual tradition of stuffing ourselves until we felt ready to explode, then sleeping it off for two hours.

It is interesting what traditions we observe, and to think of what life would be like had they been started differently.  For example, what if Macy's had decided to hold a giant clown show for Thanksgiving?  Would we have professional commentators commenting on a 2 hour show with clowns juggling, making animals out of balloons, and getting chased by rodeo bulls?  As much as I hate clowns, I think that would beat watching a parade with celebrity discussions on TV.  I mean parades aren't exactly pulse-quickening events when you see them live, but at least they are somewhat interesting.  Watching giant floats on my TV, even though it is much larger than the one I grew up with, just isn't the same as being there, which makes for what is in my opinion one of the most boring traditions in America. "Hey look!  It's a giant Sponge Bob balloon!  I can't wait to hear what Katie Couric has to say about this one!!"  "Be quiet, I can't hear the pre-recorded soundtrack of the pop singer who's currently lipsyncing his new hit single!"  Somebody knock me out with an untethered wii remote!

Watching football on Thanksgiving, on the other hand, is a tradition that I didn't appreciate as a child, but enjoy now.   I remember one of my cousins and uncle turning on the tube to watch the game each year, and I would go outside and find something more fun to do.  Now that I'm older, I really enjoy watching football, and apparently don't find as much satisfaction from trying to kick an empty 2 liter soda bottle through a crook in a tree (ready-made uprights) over and over again.  Ahh, the simple joys of life.  Just be glad we're not French.  If we were, there would be no annual presidential pardon of a turkey.  I can just see the turkey sized guillotine being rolled onto the south lawn.