Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's My Party and I'll Delegate If I Want To

Today is a momentous occasion which should be remembered for all time.  You may believe I'm speaking of Cinco de Mayo, which, if you think is not a real holiday, but rather just an excuse to get drunk, you would be mistaken - that is St. Patrick's Day.  No, I am speaking of the day in which I initiated a social function for the first time. 

To say that I am not a social butterfly would be an understatement similar to saying that Curious George is kind of curious, or Paris Hilton shouldn't wear a white wedding dress.  So for me to plan a party is truly a big deal.  I'm not sure why I decided to throw an office get-together, but without thinking today I announced that we should have an office barbeque. 

Of course, you can't expect too much from a first timer.  I had to change the date (forgot about one guy being on vacation), I volunteered one co-worker's house (I have no back yard), and everyone is bringing a dish and their own meat (at least I'm being the grill master, even if it's on someone else's grill).  I also volunteered to provide the sodas, so that should count for something, and to bring my Wii, which will be played on someone else's TV.  So while I'm not providing the food, location or most of the entertainment, it was at least my idea, and I sent out the Outlook invites.  That's progress for me.