Monday, January 28, 2013

Slug and Bug Go to a Party

As promised last week, I am sitting down to tell a tale worthy of human consumption.  Tiny humans at least.  I even created some cover art on the fly using an app on Heather's iPad that let's you draw by hand on the screen.  I'm not exactly artistic and the app is far from user friendly - it's almost impossible to do circles, as evidenced by the output below, but it's fully digital and not really any worse than what I would draw on paper.  But I'm definitely too lazy to make a picture for each page, so you will just have to use your imagination.  Each paragraph marks a new page.  Without further adieu...

Slug was not happy today.  Slug did not have to go to school today.  Slug did not have a headache.  Slug had no work to do today, and felt perfectly well.  But slug was not happy, because slug was going to a party.

Bug yelled "Hurry up Slug, we don't want to be late!"  Bug was Slug's best friend.  Bug loved parties, but Slug did not.

Slug would rather read a book

or climb a tree

or play at the park.  Slug did not like parties because Slug liked peace and quiet.  And there is never peace or quiet at a party.

"What's the hurry?" asked Slug.  "The party will last for hours.  Can't we wait a little longer to go?"
"No" said Bug.  "I want to go now.  There are so many people to see and things to do!"

"We will play fun games!"

"We will eat delicious food!"

"We will talk to all of our friends!"

"I would rather spend my time with just one friend", said Slug.  "But I will go to the party because you want to go.

So Slug went to the party, and he ate the food, and played the games, and talked to the other guests.  At the end of the night he was exhausted, but he had a good time.  More importantly, his best friend Bug had a wonderful evening, which would not have been the same if Slug was not there.

"Thank you for coming to the party, Slug.  Tomorrow maybe we can go to the park and spend the day together" said Bug.  "I would like that very much" said Slug.

As Slug drifted off to sleep, he was glad he went to the party, and he was even more glad he had Bug for a best friend.  Then he dreamed about playing in the park with Bug.

The End