Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Letter From Mom

Last week we deactivated our lousy Cricket cell service, and had our number moved from our Cricket phone to our backup Tracphone cell.  We assumed this transfer would be seamless, but after our old number was deactivated we learned that our phone would be inoperable until we received a new sim card to use the new number.  This left us without any phone service for a couple of days, which really isn't a big deal, because almost nobody calls us anyway.

As fate would have it, my mom decided to call us and was aggravated to learn that our number was disconnected.  This week I got the following letter in the mail:

Brad and Heather,
You need to call and let us (the parents) know a ph # that works.  The number you text is not yours.  I called Larry and he doesn't have it either.  Please Call.  Love Mom.  PS. Cards beat Nationals and are now playing the Giants and they are on Fox.

Of course by the time I got this letter we had already reactivated our phone, but I was really tempted to send mom the following letter:

Dear Mom,
We inadvertently disconnected our phone for a couple of days.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  PS. I know my brother Jerry works for the Post Office, but I think it's a bit overly optimistic to think I will get a letter from you before a baseball game you are watching is over.  Thanks for the heads up though.
Your Son.

I guess on the bright side it was kind of nice to get a letter in the mail, although when I got an envelope from mom I was kind of hoping it was an early Birthday check.  Maybe next time.