Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just under a year ago I birthed this blog.  There were no cervical measurements, no midwife was present, and I didn't get an epidural.  Nonetheless, this beautiful baby blog, full of life and hope, slightly wrinkled and bloody issued forth from the depths of my being.  Imagine my mixture of pride and relief as I held it closely to my bosom, running my fingers over its perfect skin.  Now discard that image because it was nothing like that.

When I popped this blog into the ether, my goal was a daily update.  That lasted just under a week before I reassessed my goal and decided upon one blog per week.  This was predicated mostly upon the fact that I'm really lazy.  Although my consistency has varied considerably, here we are almost a year later and I am one entry away from 52 posts!  I envision red and white balloons falling from the ceiling, mixed in with confetti while the studio audience cheers wildly while I write this one.  There are now 6 followers of my blog, or at least 6 who have signed up to be followers.  This just so happens to be exactly 6 more followers than I ever expected to have.  Thank you to those folks who have shown their support this way.  I think I know who all of you are except Kellygirl777.  I have no idea who you are.  Believing that someone out there is reading my blog keeps me motivated to keep writing, so thanks for offering that illusion.

While we're on the subject of anniversaries, two days ago was my wedding anniversary.  Being married is a lot more work than writing a blog, because you have to interact with another human being.  It's also more rewarding.  Blogs may not yell at you for leaving the toilet seat up but they also don't cook you dinner or scratch your back. 

Heather and I went to a swanky restaurant and reminisced about days gone by.  She told me a story I had never heard about her ex-boyfriend from HS wanting to go out with her again after we had become friends but before our relationship turned romantic.  She told him it wouldn't be fair to him as she was interested in another guy and hoped he would someday be interested in her as well.  And thus ended her chances with Eric, who has since married and has two children; "Blade" and "Dagger".  Oh Heather, how much remorse you must feel about your bad decision!