Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moving Day

Almost four years after coming to Colorado Springs, the time has finally arrived to move on. The Air Force has determined that Heather and I should make our way to Texas, and so we shall go. The cars are packed with all the things we think we will need (like clothing), don't want the movers to lose (like photos), or the movers won't move (like 2 propane tanks). Today the Mayflower folks get to pack all the rest of our earthly belongings into boxes, and tomorrow they load them on the truck.

Fortunately Heather and I don't have a lot of stuff, so the movers decided to do all the packing in one day. That gave me an extra day - Monday - to clean out a lot of junk that had accumulated in our basement, and get the cars packed. One trip to the dump and another to the Salvation Army later and we were ready for phase two, which commences today. I look around my house wondering what won't arrive, or will arrive damaged? It's just stuff, so I'm not too worried about it. Still, I'll be glad when we get down to Texas, find a house, get our stuff delivered and settle in. I'm just glad the military pays professionals to do this, because I have neither the time, nor the inclination, to spend hours boxing up stuff and packing it onto a truck.

I'm going to miss the Springs, as we have loved it here, but I know I will be back to visit friends and do some more hiking and skiing. My friends Matt and Jenny even let me store my ski/snowboard gear in their basement so I don't have to haul it back this winter when I come back to use it. I'll have to find a new location once they move in a couple of years, but that works for now. I bought rather than rented my equipment, and I have many more days of using it before I break even. Sounds like a great excuse to me to come back here every year!