Monday, September 27, 2010

Timely Fashion

Today I said goodbye to a dear friend.  One which has been with me on many an adventure - hours of work writing papers for my Master's degree, miles of running training for my marathon, thousands of feet of elevation ascent and descent climbing the mountains here in Colorado, not to mention the occasional make out session with my wife on the couch.  I'm speaking of course of my Timex Ironman watch.  Sadly the battery is about to die; I know this because when I turn on the light the numbers fade out of readablility.  The wristband's velcro is getting tired and although it was once as clingy as a toddler getting dropped off for the first time at preschool, it now has less strength to hold on than Jon and Kate.

Normally I would just replace the band and the batteries, but since they both are giving out at the same time, and since one of the screws that holds the face of the watch on has suddenly gone missing, making the waterproof nature questionable and detracting from the appearance of an already scratched and beaten down watch, I decided to just go for the replacement option. I now have a new buddy, which is going to take some getting used to, since I look at my watch multiple times per day, if not per hour, and I have seen the same gray face peering back at me for the past several years, which has suddenly been replaced by a deep blue that is both soothing and excitingly new at the same time.  It's like getting a new tattoo in place of an old one.  I haven't faced this kind of visual transition since Michael Jackson became white.  Who ever knew a watch could provide such visual stimulation?  Of course I had to get another Ironman watch, as this is all I have worn since I was in High School, but although the form and function are identical, the color really does spice it up.  May we make many wonderful memories together.